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"Not surprisingly this is the one publication that all the media in F1 must have, it's like a bible"- 
F1 News International

"Can you afford to miss such an important book in your passionate following of Formula One"- 

"Who Works F1: la référence" - 
Auto Hebdo

"It would seem nowadays that if you or your company doesn't appear in Who Works, then you or your company simply aren't in Formula One"- 
Wild Duck Productions

"I wanted to express my congratulations on a job well done
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

"Indispensable reference sources in the Race Tech office are the series of Who Works' motorsport guides
Race Tech Magazine 

"Power books - it's not who you know - it's where to find them

"So attractive, in fact, these guides are not just for racing insiders. Any serious racing fan could use and enjoy them
Bill McGuire 

"Les bibles sont arrivées ! Et elles s'améliorent d'année en année.
Le Monde de l'Auto 

"Un ouvrage de référence indispensable pour les passionnés qui veulent tout savoir de la discipline qu'ils chérissent
Pole Position 

"Das beste Nachtschlagewerk der Motorsportbranche

"These publications aren't just about people. They carry a mass of information about everything you might possibly need

"Knowledge is power with the ultimate Sports Guides
Sport Business 

"Comme tous les ans, voici de précieux Who's Who qui permettront de mettre un visage sur chaque nom
Sport Auto 

"La grande famille. Les paddocks n'aurant décidément plus aucun secret pour vous
F1 Racing 

"Peter Innes F1 editor is constantly using the guide throughout the year
Motorsport News 

"Once again it's an excellent publication. Well done.
Irish Motorsport News 

"The definitive guide for Formula One
Reality Game Newsletter 

"Toutes les informations relatives au monde de la Formule Un
Le Journal de l'Automobile 

"Thanks for the Who Works in Formula One which I really appreciate and which I know will be invaluable to me.
Murray Walker, OBE 

"Une référence
Sport Auto 

"Un ouvrage devenu incontournable pour tous ceux qui s'intéressent aux coulisses de la Formule Un

"Une vraie bible pour les passionnés
France Soir 

"It's got it all

"Amazing sources of information
World of Wheels 

" This book is the best Formula One book you will ever buy" 
Daily F1 

" This book is most useful to our business" 

" Indispensable" 

" Une encyclopédie abondemment illustrée" 
Auto Référence 

" Wir tragen" Who Works" in unserem Pilotenkoffer als sténdigen Begleiter rund um die Welt. Das kénnen wir nicht von vielen Béchern behaupten" 
Motorsport Aktuell 

" Devenez un incollable de la F1" 
Vers l'Avenir 

" Pour avoir les adresses introuvables" 

" Un guide trés complet sur tous ceux qui travaillent dans la Formule 1" 
L'Equipe Magazine 

" Tout est finement passé en revue" 
L'Argus de l'Automobile 

" Who Works is an extremely useful addition to any motorsport library" 

" Le" Bottin" de la F1" 
Auto Plus 

" Unentbehrlich fér jeden, der mit Formel 1 zu tun hat" 
Rallye Racing 

" These are such informative books and I am sure that these will be very useful in our office" 
Pasquale Lattuneddu, Formula One Administration Ltd 

" L'ouvrage de référence des professionnels et des passionnés" 
F1 Supporters Team 

" Het ultieme cadeau voor de liefhebber en kenner" 

" La F1 posséde ses" pages jaunes" sous la forme du Who Works in Formula One" 
Auto Plus 

" Your books are both very beautiful, and invaluable as well. I use my Who Works on a daily basis" 
Michael Levitt - Sutton Motorsport Images 

" Das richtige Buch" 

" Who Works in Formula One féhrt fast alle Akteure im Grand Prix-Zirkus im Kurzportrét auf" 
Auto Motor und Sport 

" Ein umfangreichen Einblick in das Leben der Formel1-Szene" 
Formel 1 

" Ce petit pavé est un monument !" 
L'Automobile Magazine 

" The amount of information gathered is nothing short of incredible" 
Autobooks / Aerobooks 

" La possibilita di avere una mini-enciclopedia del mondo della Formula Uno" 

" The indispensable directory/handbook for anybody who has dealings with the world of Formula 1" 
F1 Racing



World Rally

" Aprés le fameux guide sur le monde de la Formule 1, voici celui du rallye. Officiellement adopté par la FIA, on sait tout sur ce qui bouge, oeuvre, officie ou...paie dans les rallyes" 

" Revoici le Who Works in Rallying, véritable Who's Who du rallye mondial" 
Rallyes Magazine 

" Le Who Works in World Rally est une mine de renseignements é l'usage des professionnels ou des passionnés de rallye" 
Auto Hebdo 

" If you're in the business, the Who Works in World Rally guide is an essential reference source" 

" L'ouvrage n'est ni avare de renseignements il est méme archi-complet , ni de photos couleurs" 
Auto Guide 

" We saw a copy of your excellent publication, and were very impressed by it. Once again congratulations on a great idea" 
Australian Rallysport News 


" I'm still simply amazed by the Who Works guide !" 
Karen Van Allen - NASCAR Editor 

" A reference tool that contains everything you would ever want to know about NASCAR" 
RV News 

" We feel that this will be a significant resource for everyone involved with the NASCAR Winston Cup Series" 
NASCAR Newsletter 
" I am very pleased with the tremendous product you have produced" 
Paul Brooks, Vice President, Office of the President, NASCAR 

" A vital resource within the NASCAR industry" 
Bill France, President, NASCAR 

" Your book" Who Works in NASCAR" is one of the most useful, complete, detailed and well-organized reference guides that I ever worked with !"
Professional NASCAR Garage Magazine 

" Once again," hats off" to you and your excellent work" 
Bob Bissler - NASCAR Editor 

" Who Works in NASCAR is, we believe, the first reference book available to NASCAR fans that shows who works for who in the business" 
Speedway Scene 

" Everything you need to know in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series" 
Racing Milestones 

" A must have book for fans and anyone involved with the NASCAR Winston Cup Series" 

" It must have been a daunting exercise to organize this mountain of data on motorsport people into a coherent whole" 

" The only reference tool ever published that is specifically designed to bring all facets of NASCAR together in one place" 
NASCAR Online 


"Road race anoraks who will pour over any statistic or detail should be interested in the Who Works in MotoGP" 
International Bike Sport News 

" Una guida per addetti ai lavori e appassionati" 

" La bible des GP" 
Moto Revue 

" Whether in this industry for business or pleasure, the book" Who Works in MotoGP" is a must for everyone." 
WT Magazine 

" Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about who does what in Grand Prix motorcycle roadracing" 
Sport Rider 

" The Who Works in MotoGP guide is perfect for fans who want to know who actually works behind the scenes" 
Roadracing World 

" Le livre le plus complet sur les Grands Prix vitesse" 
Hebdo Actualités 

" Le guide indispensable de tous les acteurs des GP" 
Moto Journal